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2 jul. 2014

Hackschooling makes me happy - Logan La Plante - TED presentation


Before watching the video presentation, discuss in group:

  • What characteristics do teenagers seem to have in common
  • Use your imagination and think about why it might be relevant for adults to stop to think about teenagers at all.

Watch thisTED presentation by Logan La Plante and answer the following questions:

  •   What question do adults ask teenagers very often? What do teenagers ask themselves very often? 
  •    What does Logan say about teenager brains and teenager attitudes ?
  •    How does Logan tackle the issue of happiness, health and education? Include in your comment these words by Logan …“Making a living rather that making a life”…
  •  What resolution did Logan parents take some years ago and why? Is he all right with his parents´ decision?
  • What is a “hacker mind-set” for Logan? How does this concept adapt to “hackschooling” (include the terms: happiness, health, shortcuts, education)
  • What values and attitudes has he incorporated from his experiences in a “hackschooling” environment?
  • What does Logan mean when he shows the photograph of the white mountains?
  • How does Logan put together the following by the end of his presentation: community, freedom, education, happy?

Watch the video presentation again and discuss with your teacher terms and phrases of interest, think of synonyms, antonyms and semantic fields involved.

After the video presentation:

  • Is his approach possible in your community? Why?
  • Would you like this kind of approach for your children education? What are the pros and cons in your opinion?
  • What lessons has he learnt through “hackschooling” that are very valuable for everyone, not only teenagers?

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