We Love English

30 sept. 2007

Rugby time!

Yes, Rugby, why not? Everybody is talking about it these days, so let´s join the crowd. This video is entertaining and it explains the bases of the sport. Great material to practise numbers, descriptions of roles, and to learn about Rugby, of course! By the way, the Argentinian Rubgy team "Los Pumas" is playing the Worldcup Championship in France these days. Good luck to them from Argentina!

Your worst quality!

What are your best qualities? And what are your worst ones? Do this audio exercise, listen as many times as necessary and read the scrip if necessary. Then you can discuss it in class with your companions and teacher. Just click here and get to work. Have fun!

24 sept. 2007

Mission to service Hubble space telescope

Imagine yourself suspended in space, just like the astronauts appearing on this video! NASA has given the green light for a fifth Servicing Mission to the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. The rescue mission will be aimed at upgrading and increasing Hubble’s life expectancy in the hope that the observatory continues uncovering some of the most fascinating mysteries of the universe. Enjoy the views of space and study the vocabulary appearing in it.

8 sept. 2007

Pizza for dinner!

Click here and listen to this activity, do the multiple choice exercise and read the script to check on vocabulary. Enjoy your pizza!

Adsense: making money online

Follow the instructions by clicking Click here to do a listening activity on Adsense, by Google. As you listen, you can complete a multiple choice exercise, and go to the quiz script section, to read and listen again as many times as you want. Enjoy it.

Peru, the world´s catalogue

Do you feel like travelling? Let´s travel to Peru, then. Fantastic views and easy vocabulary to describe the pictures. Enjoy this mini vacation!

2 sept. 2007

Did you know? Great Documentary

Don´t miss this documentary called "Did you know? Shift happens", about some of the effects of the revolutionary times we are going through -- as regards technology and language use-- on our immediate future. Really interesting to discuss among colleagues and in class. I hope you enjoy it.

Being redundant

In this listening activity, we hear from a famous business expert and writer, Charles Handy some useful advice about coping with redundancy. You can download an mp3 version of the programme and a script at the bottom of the activity page. Click here to work on this interesting material, as often as you want.