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30 jun. 2007

More irregular verbs

Irregular verbs again! Read the list and then click here to listen to them like a song. Practise a few times every day for one week!

feel, felt, felt
hold, held, held
stand, stood, stood
understand, understood, understood
lose, lost, lost
catch, caught, caught
buy, bought, bought
send, sent, sent
fall, fell, fallen
choose, chose, chosen
sleep, slept, slept
speak, spoke, spoken
meet, met, met
lead, led, led
bite, bit, bitten
hit, hit, hit
drive, drove, driven
break, broke, broken

Cool irregular verbs

Is it possible to study irregular verbs and have fun? Yes, it is! Read the irregular verbs that follow. Then click here and listen to them like in a song. Repeat the exercise every day if you want!

take, took, taken

put, put, put

tell, told, told

give, gave, given

read, read, read

keep, kept, kept

begin, began, begun

let, let, let

hear, heard, heard

cut, cut, cut

eat, ate, eaten

run, ran, run

bring, brought, brought

become, became, become

grow, grew, grown

draw, drew, drawn

show, showed, shown

mean, meant, meant

26 jun. 2007

Looking for a job

An article ideal to work with your teacher, or to do as homework. Read it, work on the vocabulary, do the activities online and listen to it. Just click here and start working!

Visit Great Britain online!

BBC World Service is full of great resources for English students. By clicking here you will find a section called "Beyond the postcard", with a large map of Britain and a list of cities to visit. As you click on a city on the map, you´ll get to text, audio and video information about that city in particular, together with exercises online. So, choose a location in Britain and just imagine you are there!

24 jun. 2007

Free cell phone

A listening exercise with very interesting vocabulary and expressions. You can do the listening exercise, complete the script, read it, listen again and so on. Click here and enjoy it.

Telephone message

Listen to a message left in an answering machine clicking here . You can read, do a quiz, complete the script, read the complete script... really good material to work and practise.

Job Hunting

This is a listening activity which includes English slang and idiomatic expressions. Click here to listen to the dialogue, do the activities, analyse vocabulary items and read the script if necessary.

Business English Tenses review

An activity to check your tenses in a business English context. to do it click here. The answers to this online exercise are supplied by the end of the activity.

17 jun. 2007

Present forms: simple or progressive?

A questionnaire to practise Present Simple and Present Progressive. Do the exercise clicking here. You will go to an exercise with answers on-line. You can do it as many times as you like. Have fun!

14 jun. 2007


The name of symbols which we use in writing and spelling. You will see the symbol and its name in English. Check how to pronounce them with your teacher!

. full stop
, comma
? question mark
! exclamation mark
: colon
; semi-colon
- hyphen (dash)
& ampersand
/ virgule (forward slash)
\ reversed virgule (backward slash)
pound symbol

euro symbol
dollar symbol
acute accent
grave accent
quotation mark
( )
left / right parentheses
left / right square bracket
left / right brace
< >
left / right angle bracket