We Love English

17 mar. 2008

Phonetic symbols!

Don´t be afraid of them. Phonetic symbols appear in all English dictionaries, and they help you pronounce better. If you click here, you can see a chart with the alphabet of phonetic symbols. Then, when you click on any of the symbols, you will listen to the its pronunciation and to a word which contains this sound as an example. Have fun investigating the world of phonetics together with your teacher, or in you free time.

11 mar. 2008

Talking about yourself

A young man talks about himself and tells us many things. Listen to him clicking here. and complete the quiz on the page. You can also read the script and do other exercises below on the same page. Have fun.

What kind of music do you like?

Listen to six people from different nationalities talking about the kind of music they like. There is a quiz exercise to complete as you listen, and you can also read the tapescript and work on vocabulary and expressions with your teacher. Get to work just clicking here. Have fun.

Hotel room

Do this fun listening game by clicking here. You can also read the tapescript to check your understanding and work on some vocabulary with your teacher. Follow the instructions and have fun.