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17 dic. 2013

How corrupt is your country? By Transparency International

Read the 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index, by Transparency International. Study the ranking and practice de name of continents, geographical regions, countries and nationalities in English.


After examining the information, debate about corruption perceptions in different parts of the world.
- How corrupt or uncorrupt is your country?
- Why does corruption exist?
- Is there anything we can do to diminish corruption?

6 dic. 2013

How great leaders inspire action

Watch this TED presentation by Simon Sinek about great leaders and how they inspire action. A very interesting approach to leadership.


After watching the presentation, discuss in class and debate:

- Why does Mr. Sinek take Apple as an example in his presentation?
- Why are the leaders he mentions different from other people in leading situations? Give as many details as possible about the differences.
- How can you explain the Why, How, What concentric circles?
- Do you agree with this approach? Why?