We Love English

26 oct. 2007

Personal information

This is a short dialogue to practise names, occupations, and numbers. Click here and listen to the conversation. If you have problems with the vocabulary, you can press "Quiz Script" on the page and you can read the conversation and listen to it at the same time. Enjoy it!

18 oct. 2007

What a Friday night!

How many things can go wrong on a Friday night? Listen to the dialogue by clickinkg here and do the exercises online. You can also read the script going to "Quiz Script" on the same page. You can use this dialogue to practise conditionals type 3 and reflect on all those things that would - wouldn´t have happened if... Have fun!

17 oct. 2007

A pet looking for a new home

What´s the story of Lucy, the pet which appears on this video? She is staying at the Burlington Pet Adoption Center, waiting for a new owner. What is this pet like? Pay attention to vocabulary connected to description of personalities,even in a dog! By the way, you can very well adopt her, if you happen to live near the Center.... Have fun!

Football and Riquelme!

This is for students of English who love football. The announcers on this video make it clear that Juan Roman Riquelme is one of the best players in the world.... and these two goals prove it..... Enjoy the football jargon, and the pronunciation of "r" in Roman Riquelme!. Try to catch those phrases that create suspense just before the goals are scored. Enjoy it!

Telephone complaints

This short investigation finds that a number of customers -- most of them elderly -- are having problems with their phone bills. Maybe some of you have experienced any of this before? Watch it and enjoy it.