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22 abr. 2014

Enjoy Earth Day 2014

Before watching the video, debate briefly with your peers:
What´s a "selfie"?
Is Earth Day important in your community / city ? Why?

Watch the video and discuss:

  •  Is the message of the video presentation optimistic or pessimistic? What elements in the presentation give you that idea?
  •  The narrator talks about cities mainly; why is that so in our opinion?
  •  The narrator talks about two possible futures; can you describe them?

Watch the video again, find out when these terms appear and think of synonym expressions:

we need to stand up for the future
here´s the thing
rely on
within our grasp

After watching:
  • Consider the pros and / or cons of having Earth Day in our calendars.
  • Are there any initiatives in your city to foster a cleaner, more sustainable future? What would be good ideas in this sense?

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